V květnu 2021 zakoupila Fakulta architektury v rámci projektu SPACE nové e-knihy na platformě Taylor & Francis. Knihy s plnými texty jsou dostupné na odkazech nebo v Primu. Počet výpůjček není nijak omezen, jednotlivé knihy si může prohlížet zároveň několik uživatelů. Knihy je možné zobrazit online nebo stáhnout ve formátu pdf, umožněn je i tisk.

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Lawson , Mark Architectural Design in Steel
Simon , Jonathan Architecture and Justice
Willis , Julie Architecture and the Modern Hospital
Devos , Rika Architecture of Great Expositions 1937-1959
Dudek , Mark Architecture of Schools: The New Learning Environments
Nyilas , Agnes Beyond Utopia
Knox , Paul L. Cities and Design
Bartlett , Sheridan Cities for Children
Feilden , Hugh Conservation
Worpole , Ken Contemporary Library Architecture
Chaplin , Sarah Curating Architecture and the City
Hamilton , D. Kirk Design for Critical Care
Lord , Peter Detailing for Acoustics
Dee , Catherine Form and Fabric in Landscape Architecture
Hill , Jonathan Immaterial Architecture
Lloyd Thomas , Katie Industries of Architecture
Schwartz , Chad Introducing Architectural Tectonics
Towers , Graham Introduction to Urban Housing Design
Griffin , Brian Laboratory Design Guide
Phillips , E.T. Landscape Construction
Littlewood , Michael Landscape Detailing Volume 1
Littlewood , Michael Landscape Detailing Volume 2
Littlewood , Michael Landscape Detailing Volume 3
Littlewood , Michael Landscape Detailing Volume 4
Samuel , Flora Le Corbusier in Detail
Black , Alistair Libraries of Light
Everett , Alan Materials
Buntrock , Dana Materials and Meaning in Contemporary Japanese Architecture
Smith , Ryan E. Offsite Architecture
Dewe , Michael Planning Public Library Buildings
Lally , Sean Softspace
Gauld , Bryan J.B. Structures for Architects
Maginn , Paul (Sub)Urban Sexscapes
Hille , R. Thomas The New Public Library
Lokko , Lesley The Portfolio
Rocco , Roberto The Routledge Handbook on Informal Urbanization
Barrie , Thomas The Sacred In-Between: The Mediating Roles of Architecture
The Urban Task Force Towards an Urban Renaissance
Sullivan , Rob Twenty-First Century Urbanism
Null , Roberta Universal Design
Marshall , Richard Waterfronts in Post-Industrial Cities
Espegel , Carmen Women Architects in the Modern Movement